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  • Are you tired of entering and exiting your prayer closet with ashy knees and unanswered prayers?

  • Do you feel as if your prayer life is inconsistent or stagnant?

  • Do you desire to have that place where the glory of God resides as you commune with Him?

  • Are you feeling like you need a source of greater power in your life?

  • Are you praying without a plan, and just trying to get God's attention one 911 prayer after another?

  • If you answered yes to either one of these questions...

This comprehensive, interactive purpose-focused 12-month prayer journal should be a part of your prayer arsenal. It's time to pray with purpose power and passion. Work through this prayer journal and you will be a prayer Warrioress equipped to pray with purpose, passion, and power.

Head on over to the to make sure you do

not miss the exciting live launch!!

Take a peek inside...
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