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Healing and Freedom for 
Abortion Wounded Hearts 

Get healing for your heart and put an end to aimless living by joining a safe, judgment-free community of post-abortive African-American women.  Restore your dignity, self-respect, and a positive self-image with the transformative power of purpose-discovery and holistic wellbeing through a faith-based transformative 6-Step group coaching program

You are more than a choice.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

If you're a post-abortive African American woman, we understand that you may be struggling with feelings of isolation, shame, and pain. At Hearts Unshackled, we offer a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space for you to heal, grow, and thrive.

Our mission is to empower post-abortive African American women to overcome the emotional and psychological impacts of abortion and achieve holistic well-being. Through our transformative 6-step group coaching program, evidence-based workshops, and personalized coaching, we provide the tools, support, and community you need to restore your sense of dignity and self-respect, find purpose and meaning in your life, and live a fulfilling and joyful life.

Our ultimate goal is to create a world where every post-abortive African American woman can access the care and support she needs to heal, grow, and thrive. We believe that by breaking down the barriers of shame and stigma and providing compassionate, evidence-based care and support, we can create a brighter future for all women.


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Come alongside other women who share their experience, under-standing what it means to have real, deep, forgiving community that will champion you as you forgive themselves and discover their purpose.

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Change your course, choose a new story, and gain new useful insight that will help you see the bigger picture as you claim what has been waiting for you all along: a restored, peaceful, and abundant life full of purpose and meaning.

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You will find hope and embrace a new, abundant life encouraged by a  supportive community of others who "gets you" and will join you as you reclaim your hope and joy once again.

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Find hope and embrace a new, abundant life.

You are not alone in your struggle, trauma, shame, or guilt. Be led by someone who has walked your path before. Be encouraged by a  supportive community of others who "get you" and will come alongside you as you reclaim your hope and joy once again.

Recognize that you are not the sum of your past choices.

You have the abilities necessary through God and a supportive community to change course and choose a new story. You will be encouraged to walk into the dark places in order to gain new and useful insight that will help you see the bigger picture and claim what has been waiting for you all along: a whole and peaceful and abundant life.

Be empowered by other women who have walked your same path.

Come alongside other women who share your experience, understanding what it means to have  real, deep, forgiving community that will champion you as you find your way and forgive yourself.

Here's How It Works

When you join Hearts Unshackled community,
you'll have all the support you need. 

Step 1


Schedule a 10-minute Healthy Heart Discovery Call with Greta Be to identify what's possible in the next 90 days and beyond.

Step 2


The negative mindsets and self-sabotaging behaviors that are obstructing you from living a restored, peaceful, and abundant life.  

Step 3


A heart transformation roadmap that will get you results in your life ASAP. 

Greta Be walks with you as she directs you towards your purpose. As you discover your purpose she cheers you on and continues to be a constant voice saying, 'keep going, you can do this. I identify and work towards goals that I thought I could not achieve.

Michelle D.

Meet Your Guide
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Purpose -Discovery Coach / Speaker

 Founder of Hearts Unshackled

As a post-abortive woman, I have experienced and vividly remember what seemed like never-ending days of fighting in the trenches for day-to-day survival and feeling unfulfilled, unseen, rejected, and alone.  From the depths of my heart, I heard: "Greta, when are you going to drop the unwanted companions of guilt, shame, and feelings of being a murderer in hiding?"


No amount of wishful thinking mingled with my faith, and the many voices of accolades could give me what I didn't know I was missing. 

I participated in a program specifically designed for African American women with abortion-wounded hearts, and my transformation began.  I am healed, freed from guilt, shame, fear of rejection, and judgment of a past decision.  As I shared my story, others began to share theirs for the first and only time.  I knew it was time for me to use the proven strategies and processes to answer the call of purpose - YOU. 


As a Christian, you, your family, and the world need the best you - healed and free.  Our 6-month faith-based transformative group coaching program, Hearts Unshackled, allows you to connect with sisterhood in a  judgment-free and emotionally safe environment conducive to healing.  I didn't have to do it on my own, and neither should you.


I am just a short distance ahead of you on this journey, and I see you!  If you desire healing and freedom so that you can discover and walk into your purpose while enjoying total wellbeing and having fun while doing it - this opportunity is for you. 

I look forward to seeing you inside the Hearts Unshackled community.  And I can't wait to see you loving the life God intended while walking in your divine and unique purpose. 

Do you hear it?

Your purpose is calling.

Nobody on the face of this earth can do what God created you to do, and he loves you too much to allow you to do it broken.
It's your turn. Answer the call. 


Greta Be intentionally and strategically pushed, motivated, and equipped me to succeed. She coached me from my pain toward the joy of life as an author, blogger, and speaker. 

Danquisha B.


A Tangible Way to Transform Hearts

Healing and Freedom are One of the Truest Gifts of Self-Love.

You can play a key part in giving women the transformative power of purpose and total well-being to equip and empower women of color to step out of the shadows of shame, regret, and fear into a more purpose-filled and meaningful life.

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