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​​​​In 2010, the seed of inspiration for a faith-based theater group began to grow. The concept has progressed into a dynamic theatrical company with performances that bring people face-to-face with the great love our Father God has for all—no matter their circumstances or lifestyle.   

Our Mission

The mission of Fishers of Men Theater Ministry is based on the scripture Luke 5:10, when Jesus speaks and instructs, “Don’t be afraid! From now on you’ll be fishing for people!” To increase the kingdom of God, one production at a time—in an entertaining, captivating, live experience. Each performance will be one of inspiration and healing for those dealing with the spiritual battles of life, giving them hope with answers. To create powerful, dynamic drama productions and ministries for churches and organizations that have a message of hope and love. We endeavor to disciple, equip, serve, train and direct others to the Lord.

Our Productions


Provide spiritually healthy, creative and entertaining Christian skits, plays and spoken word with a message directed to the heart of the audience, who will be engaged, never bored, and transformed before they leave. Employ the theatrical art of drama to minister to and captivate the hearts of all people toward God.

Our Vision

We are a faith-based theater company displaying the power of God's Word and His unconditional love through drama, dance and spoken word—to inspire, motivate and change lives. To witness God's power theatrically revealed at work in human nature.


Luke 5:10

"Don’t be afraid! From now on you’ll be fishing for people."

Our Team

With over 30 years of faith-based theater and ministry experience, the depth of our team operates in an anointing that covers every area of life where God's power is allowed to manifest and work. Our team is anointed and dynamically talented to bring theatrical performances that reveal salvation as not a forced lifestyle or forced action demanded by God, but it is a choice that He gives and has purchased for every one of us with the blood of His only son Jesus Christ.

It is a pleasure to meet you!

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Greta Y. Bates


Greta,  a native Nashvillian, is a graduate of Tennessee State University, with a degree in Speech Communications and Theater. Greta also holds a Master of Arts degree in Theology from Life Christian University and is currently working on her Doctorate in Theology. As a highly sought after compassionate and powerful writer, producer, director, and minister – she drives to inspire and dramatically reveal the pure power of God's love. God's vision through her brings the realization of the power and effectiveness of faith-based theatre. Her calling to increase Gods kingdom, through the offering of salvation after each presentation does not give her the luxury to waste one moment of time while doing what matters for eternity. Greta inspires to deliver her audiences into a unique and dynamic opportunity to seek out their unique purpose in life to BE all that God created them to BE-His sons and daughters. Greta refuses to allow herself to be limited to lines drawn by society across racial, socioeconomic, or cultural differences. Jesus crossed a great chasm created by sin to reach her and she is willing to cross as well to reach others and offer them the power of God’s word to deliver and heal the lost and broken-hearted. She embraces the truth in that her offerings to others is simply using the gifts, skills, and talents that God has uniquely given her to use within the church, but also extending beyond the church's walls. She has a violent faith and tenacity to make a maximum impact for Gods kingdom in her local church, her city, her nation, and the world. 

Bret Grigsby Wilson


Bret has devoted himself to his passion for theater from his first performances at the age of 12 until now.  He went on to receive training from the Nashville School of the Arts, Governor’s School for the Arts, The University of Memphis, and William and Mary College.  With the knowledge and teaching he received from these institutions, he has been able to perform at local theater companies such as the Nashville Children’s Theater, Mockingbird Theatre, Amun Ra Theater, and the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.  He has also had the opportunity to perform nationally at several theater companies, including the Memphis Repertory Theater, the Orpheum Theatre, the National Black Theater Festival, the Wolftrap Theatre, and the Virginia Shakespeare Festival. Throughout all of his training and the wonderful performance opportunities he has received, he finds the greatest pleasure creating faith-based productions and seeing the miraculous moving of the Holy Spirit. He has had the pleasure of directing and assisting with several faith-based productions and has served as the Artistic Director of the Sylvan Street Christian Theater Ministry.  Now in his role of  Director of Fishers of Men Theatre Company, he is once again able to use his training on stage and behind the scenes to minister to audiences, help create pieces that touch the heart and speak directly to the spirit, and uplift the kingdom of God. 

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