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"We can't open locked doors but if we have the keys we can step into a more purposeful and meaningful life. "

This is your sign to step out of and say to some new ones!

Join our FREE Unlocked and Unleashed Webinar May 30th at 12;30PM cst.

Join the pusher of purpose-discovery coaching, Greta Be, for a monthly lesson and virtual purpose talk. Our 15-minute live experience introduces you to the Greta Be 6 Step Purpose Discovery Model and our corresponding Mentorship program. Each webinar is a unique experience, not unlike our Mentorship.⁣

Greta introduces a fresh focus and lesson each month where she helps connect ambitious and decided women to their purpose. Together, using her fail-proof model and education, we'll smash through your comfort zones, discover new passions, and surface new discoveries for purpose.

Our June Unlock and Unleash webinar is going to be AMAZING (⚡️and we can't wait to see you there⚡️)

The webinar connects to the lesson plans and resources that are taught throughout the halls of our The Purposed You Academy. The Open the Door Series is the perfect introduction to the Haus of {&} Monthly Mentorship and just how life-changing investing in yourself can be.

Space is limited! Sign up now! This is a LIVE event with no replay! ⁣

It is time to ignite your dreams!

Unlock the door is for you if…⁣
🔑 You feel stuck in your current lifestyle and choices⁣
🚪 Have unfulfilled dreams and need that extra push⁣
🔑 You’ve been looking for a like-hearted drama free community to help support your dreams and aspirations⁣
🚪 You’re tired of putting off your goals and want to take action⁣
🔑 Want tools to not only cope with all the change and chaos of life but to UNLEASH your potential⁣
🚪You need that purpose-pushing momentum that only Greta Be's Purpose Discovery Process and Greta Be can deliver! ⁣

You are always one door away from a more purpose-filled life. 

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