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Face To Face With Truth - Hidden

Let's me get right to the point. My name is Greta Be and I am a purpose-discovery coach that leverages the power of purpose and total wellbeing to empower post-abortive Christian women of color to escape the guilt, shame, and brokenness of an abortion-wounded heart without isolation, exposure, and judgment. I SEE YOU!

I am the creator of Hearts Unshackled, a faith-based compassionate, and empathetic community where women of color have the opportunity to allow the Lord to reach into the painful places of their souls and begin a journey to lasting healing and freedom from the hidden strongholds of abortion.

Over thirty-four years ago, I had an abortion, and I was unknowingly living my life in manipulative, vindictive, promiscuous, and self-sabotaging relationships, all while believing that it was "just how I was."

Seventy percent of women who have abortions identify as Christian and attend church at least once a month. Even in the healthiest of churches, many women continue to hide from the shaming secrets of a past abortion. You may not know, but abortion is not just a physical act, it also has profound spiritual and emotional consequences. I was the woman sitting in the congregation broken feeling like a fraud, second-class Christian shackled to the shame of a past decision that was sabotaging my present and my future.

Oh but wait... I was doing great things for the kingdom of God - broken and wounded. Now I am continuing to walk in the same grace that healed and freed me to help other women of color walk in total healing and freedom while experiencing total well-being - spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and socially. Stepping into a more purposeful life with self-dignity, self-respect, and a positive self-image begins with coming face to face with your heart - the hidden truth.

Your heart is where the fires of passion reside that propel you into your divine purpose - the reason for which you were created. Abortion smothers the fire and one day we can find ourselves with just smoldering embers. It just takes one spark of hope wrapped in relentless compassion to bring forth that which was there all along.

Like so many others, I locked my abortion decision into an emotion-proof box and tucked it away in the "never open" vault of my heart.

This is one of the most highly charged times of media coverage on abortion that I have seen in decades - and triggers are happening in the shadows of isolation and shame. When the abortion chatter started, shame, grief, and regret broke the lock and my brokenness began to ooze out like a black sticky thick blob. The more I tried to clean it up (with faith mixed with wishful thinking) the more it smeared into other areas of my life.

A past decision was now sabotaging my life and I felt ashamed in front of myself. I trusted my heart with an organization and God met me in the mountains of Knoxville and kissed me with a love as I had never felt before. I now walk in total and lasting healing and freedom and I want the same for other women of color.

Some churches have no idea how to deal with us and I believe it is for two reasons. One, abortion carries a spiritual nastiness that nobody wants to touch and simply leaves it up to the political and law passing realm to handle a spiritual issue. Two, if the church helps they fear giving the perception that they approve of the decision. Some churches do not desire and some have not figured out how to deal with the unseen, unheard, and abortion-wounded hearts of their congregation. And they are there.

Healing and freedom from an abortion-wounded heart are crucial to unshackle women from a past decision that may be hindering them from making a more significant impact in their faith community. Help is here.

Go to my website and download my free workbook to begin your journey to healing and freedom. I see you and I am here for you. I am only an email away -

Until next time.....

Greta BE...

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