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Happy New You!!!

The door of 2021 has closed. It is padlocked and you cannot return to it. Yes, of course, there will be memories to bring along and some to leave behind - but there is no going back.

As years end, there is a rise in expectation, anticipation, and hope. There is also an opportunity for a rise in fear, anxiety, and hesitation for what lies ahead - the unknown.

I would love to tell you that this new year will bring in a new sense of courage, peace, endurance, and hope.

I would love to tell you that everything is going to change and so much is going to look different in your life and the lives of those you are called to impact.

After the tumultuous and challenging couple of years that have been, so many are really happy to see another go and be in the next one. I believe this is because the unknown seems more comforting than what this year has brought to us - this world. Not in a condescending way but forget the world and process that you may be nervous about the future and what it looks like for YOU.

Expectations Versus Reality

What do you expect will happen when the calendar flips? Will the stress flip away? Will the divisiveness of people dwindle away? Will Covid die out and recede back to the dark unknown oblivion that it rose from? Will you change?

You see, actually when the calendar flips nothing really changes. The sun still rises and sets the same. There are still 24 hours in a day. Unless there are pending actions, your marital, relational, employment, and social status remains the same in and after the New Year countdown - that moment between 11:59 and 12am.

Take Control

Just as a remote control gives the hand that holds it the power to change the channel - so are YOU. If you are hoping for something to change, it can happen for you. Begin to think what it would be like if you changed the one thing that you had control over - YOU.

You can willingly make the decision to let 2021 have the last word or you can you push like you never have before.

There is a possibility for a new YOU on the horizon. Possibility? Yes. It is only possible if you want it to be. If you desire it to be. If you resolve for it to be. If you declare for it to be. If you work for it to be. If you.... (I think you get my point).

The last couple of years have taught us what the simplicity of life looks like unique to us. We realized what losing control over the things, people, relationships looked like when we actually thought we had control over them. It has been challenging for so many but don't you dare allow it to dictate to you how you feel about it and how your story ends. Years end but not your story. Don't let 2021 have the last word!

Perspective Of Truth

Prayer, faith and focus is the divine recipe for God to manifest His presence in your life. It already surrounds you. You still being here is proof of that. God's presence is real and surrounds you whether you believe it or feel it.

What do you want? Really want? Whatever "that" is awaits you. It is wrapped in purpose, joy, relief, and excitement that bubbles from deep within your heart. All you have to do is to get unstuck. You get unstick and you become unstoppable.

Put on your favorite shoes and prepare to walk the road of faith and step into your new story that is filled with purpose, wonder, and provision for every area of your life -spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and socially.

One Step At A Time

There will be times when you cannot see what around the next turn. Just keep moving! You are not alone. The move of faith oftentimes is one step at a time. Just keep moving!

Yes, of course, you will need help, directions, strategies, and tools. That is why your connection to this community is paramount. We are here to provide you those things and show you how to use them.

My next phase of going to look different, feel different, and make a difference in hearts unlike never before. Why? Because I am full of wonder! Wonder has become a part of my everyday diet. Your next phase can look and be different as well. You can make a difference. Make a difference in you! It is time to reach deep within and stir those things that will allow you to start living your dream, by embracing the "new." It is time to dream again!

Dream Girl Dream!!!

The calendar is has flipped! It will be 2022! Do you desire 2022 to be the year that the limits fall off of your life and you begin to dream bigger and bolder than you ever have before? Well, let's get to work with renovating and redesigning YOU.

Let squeeze everything out of every possibility and find the wonder that we were born to be. No more could of, should of, or what if's. YOU can, YOU will and YOU win!!!

Remember this. If you don't become new - neither will this year. A calendar flip will not change anything unless you change. The door intended for you is unlocked and designated uniquely for you! Just like the picture below. When it is "your" door, you will know it. It will stand out to only you.

May God provide an abundance of favor, prosperity, and persistence. Never doubt God's mighty power to work in you and accomplish all that your heart desires. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.

God Bless!

Greta BE...


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