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Hey Butterfly! Your Wings Are Ready!

I am just an egg on the back of a leaf. I don't know how I got here, who put me here or what I am. I do know that I am not a butterfly and I don't have no wings!

Have you ever been to a mall that you were not familiar with but you one of your favorite stores that you love is inside? I am not talking about an outdoor mall that you can see pretty much all of the stores around you and you can see what is where. I am talking about a huge mall that has several entrances and is multi-level.

It would be great to just be able to walk into the mall and just start walking and looking around, until you come to an area in the mall and it branches off into 4 different directions. You look down each direction to try to see what is down that way and you can’t see everything because most store signs are flush against the wall. You could just take off down one and do one at a time; however the chances are that you will get turned around, especially if down one of those directions it splits off again.

As one of the born to shop species, unlike our counter parts, we can very casually look for a color-coded, numbered map. When you look at that map, what is the very first thing you look for? Yep, the star with the words that say, “You are here”!

Then what do we do? Right again girl, you look for the alphabetical store key and find the number beside the name of the store you want. Then? You’re right on! You look at how far it is from where you are and take a deep breath if it is like on the other side of the 2-mile long mall and two levels up. But if it is like two stores down from where you entered, you high five your friends and take credit for being the bomb when you have actually done nothing. But that is just what we do. Right? Right!

OK, you may be wondering what was that mall stuff all about. Well, when you are about to embark on the journey to your destiny-you have to do the same thing or you will be wondering aimlessly through life with no sense of style (sorry, the mall scenario got me). I meant no sense of direction. Your life did not come with a map. Nor did it come with a colored coded and numbered key that shows where everything you need is located and how far it is from where you are. Shoot! There is no large star that says, “you are here”! Heck! Oftentimes you’re not sure where you are going even if there was a key.

What if I told you that you can make your life’s own map? I know right! You could design it the way you want it, what works best for your unique talents, gifts and skills.

Choose your favorite colors, how far you wanted each location you needed to get to as far or close as you wanted. And what about if you could route the course that best fits how you want to BE.

I want so badly to tell you that it is going to be easy, fun and exciting the entire way. However, I can’t tell you that. But what I can tell you is this. It is going to be work, challenging, and there will be times of fun and excitement. But oh ladies! In the end- you are going to BE absolutely phenomenal! It will not be easy but it will be possible.

I get it! I know what you’re thinking and the look of doubt and uncertainty on your face. I have the tools that are going to help you on your journey, and remember that you are not alone.

Fortunately, I am transparent in sharing the traffic jams and fatal crashes of my life at each stage for directional assistance because I have been through the process.

You get a firsthand account of a life transformed. Kind of like a sign in the mall that displays an area for "corded charging stations" for cell phones when you were in the mall longer than you thought you were going to be. Sometimes in life we are in a season longer than we intended to be. It’s OK! These are times when we need to charge!

There is no shame or blame when you are alone in your own head. Even though you have given a lot of people “a piece of your mind”, it is not as empty in there as you may think. Keep reading...

This is disgusting! If I had known that I was going to look like this I would have stayed an egg.

What is this? An ugly, multi-leg insect with an insatiable appetite crawling around feeding on a society that was not of their choosing. This was once a season of your life as you were born into a belief system that was not your own but that of your parents or guardians.

Clear your mind and brace yourself. A time for growth has arrived.

You now have one commandment in this stage of your life and that is to eat and grow. You are about to be presented with your new covering. As hideous as you think it may be in its external appearance, it is crucial to your journey that you realize and accept that you have to wear this in order to transition to the next phase toward your destiny.

This covering is symbolic of those things which are shameful, embarrassing, disliked, unloved, and hideous. These are those things that will stunt your growth by causing pains so deep that you can’t even vocalize them because the thought of them threatens the very foundational core of your existence to crumble.

This must be your choice. This has to be your choice. As hard as this stage is going to be, I cannot force you to put this on. However, your willful act of putting this on will cause your world to appear as if it is falling apart when actually it is falling into place. Get ready to put on the shame of your past. The shame of wrong choices, the shame of unthinkable actions. I know what you are thinking. I just broke out of a hard shell and now I have to put this on? I am not wearing that! It is the garment of transparency. Your ugliness is what connects you to others that need to SEE you to connect to you.

REMINDER: It will not be easy, but it is possible and necessary.

Before we go any further, I want to point some things out to you. I need you to realize that the previous stage was breaking out from a season in your life that you had no control over. A part of your life that was pretty much the result of the choices that those responsible for you made.

You see, now you are about to step into some things that you may or may not have been the result of a choice that you made. Things that was forcefully put on you. Things that were possibly unfair, unjust and maybe just plain unlawful and illegal. Whatever the case may be- you have got to put this on and wear it.

Now we are not talking about an actual piece you have to physically wear but we are talking about an emotional garment and spiritual sense of release again. This phase is in direct correlation to that of a caterpillar. You know that little ugly, fuzzy looking worm thing. Ugh! Yeah! That’s the symbolism there.

Now this ugliness is worn only while you feed. Feed? Yes feed. You have the opportunity and responsibility to nourish yourself in order to grow out this emotional garment. The more you eat, the more you grow and the more you grow, the quicker this emotional garment begins to split and shed.

OK, there is something else that I have to tell you. This is a process that in a short period of time you will go through this process more than once. Again!? Yes, more than once. This is a very thorough process that will cover every possibly area of your life. And each one of these areas is equally as important at the other.

The necessary areas of shedding happens spiritually, mentally, physically, financially and socially. These areas encompass the totality of your created being. At this stage you must eat your fill. You must get enough nutrition from a soul diet that is needed to fuel the complex processes of the phenomenal destiny driven change to come. Now you must grow to where your head size (ego) seems more in proportion to your body size. You cannot get the big head. Trust me it is easy to do when you begin to feel and realize and feel the pull of your God given destiny.

What are you going to be eating? I have a preselected diet for you. You are going to love it. An awesome five course meal prepared with you in mind. After the final meal is consumed you will cease eating. Now you will go into what I like to call the “wanderlust" mode. This is where you move yourself into a secure environment which to change into your next stage.

I am not going in there alone. It's dark!

The beautiful thing about this stage in life is that you wrapped yourself in your own divinely designed cocoon. This is where another level of freedom of choice must prevail in the face of great darkness and seemingly difficulty.

Although it appears to be a dark, cold and scary place, this is where you will find the comfort of love, peace, renewal and regeneration of life. Promise!

This is the process of a complete transformation. Nothing that goes in will come out. Nothing will remain the same. You will feel what true self-worth, self-esteem, self-identity and self-love feels like because you will understand the true and unconditional love of your life.

You will be filled with a newness of life where your winged-life awaits as a blank canvas and you have an unlimited supply of paint colors and other tools to create your very own masterpiece. The masterpiece of purpose! The masterpiece of YOUR purpose!

This is your "rite of passage" process covering. You are strengthened to work through the process of newness and releasing everything that held you down and back. You are here for a time such as now to get your wings. Will they fit in this small cramped space? Yes! Just wait until you see your beautiful wings! Your purpose will look good on you. The cocoon experience will equip, empower and equip the next phase to your divine destiny.

You Have Got To Be This! My Wings Are Ready!

You have got to BE this! Not see this. It is an experience to BE and not see. How beautiful your wings (purpose) are. Oh my if you could just sit in the middle of purpose for yourself and love what you have become and how good purpose looks on you! But you can't.

You have to go back for the eggs - that have no idea how they got there or what they are and tell them that their wings are ready. You have to go back for the caterpillars - who feels so ugly they regret breaking from the egg and tell them to feed and grow and prepare for their divine cocoon experience and that their wings are ready. You have to go back for those in their cocoon experience and encourage them that they are strong enough to break out - and though dark and lonely, their wings are ready.

When you return to those that your purpose calls you to, purpose becomes the call of your heart for those that otherwise would not hear these words...."Hey Butterfly Your Wings Are Ready!!!

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