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The heart of the matter is...

Our heart is the life source of our bodies. It has unique and essential functions. One of those functions is to take deoxygenated blood and pumps it out to the lungs. The lungs oxygenate the blood and send it back to the heart.

Ok. This blog is not a health lesson, but I am going somewhere. Follow me. Once the blood is oxygenated and sent back to the heart, it pumps it throughout the body. This process is one reason why when we exercise; our hearts beats faster. It is working harder so that as we exert more energy and burn up the oxygen in our blood, it can cycle more throughout your body to the muscles and areas that are working.


Greta! Get to the point. Ok. Let's look at this same process in comparison to our well-being. Whether people hurt us, we hurt others, or do things to hurt ourselves, it can potentially be or become a traumatic experience. And, if not dealt with, become lifelong unseen shackles that slow and even stunt our walk through life.

Examples: Our relationships break - boyfriends, fiancés, husbands, parental or siblings, etc. We are violated or compromised – rape, trust broken by secrets revealed, or molestation. The fatal mistakes we make that harm ourselves - unforgiveness, abortion, or knowingly betraying someone.

These examples and so many others all have an emotional impact on us. They punch into, dwell deep within and rest upon the surface of - our hearts. This helps answer the question as to why when a breakup occurs, we say, " He broke my heart." Or when someone violates us, we say, "I can never find it in my heart to forgive them." Or when we make a fatal mistake, we say, "That will forever live on in my heart."


So you see, the heart of the matter is.... the heart is our "trauma filtration" system. Do our minds play a part in this? Heck yea! Because we say, "I will forgive them, but I will never forget." I could make this same stance on the joys of life and the positive impact on our hearts.

Examples: When we meet that guy that looks like Morris Chestnut and is proving that chivalry is not just alive, but he invented it, we say, "Girl, he is winning my heart," or when we see him coming, we may say, "Honey, when he pulled up to pick me up my heart jumped." When we see a newborn baby, we may say, "after all of that wretched pain, they handed her to me, she looked up at me my heart just melted." In all of these examples, we will also be unaware and, like second nature, put our hand on our chest where our heart is.


So as you can see, whether good, bad, happy, or sad all resonate and resolves in our hearts.

Do you remember the song from back in the day - joy and pain, like sunshine and rain? So, the heart of the matter is this - we must develop a healthy and maintained "trauma filtration system" to survive. Ummm, yea, survive. Survive the commonality of our hearts to allow negative and positive impacts to coexist and fuel our purpose. Pain can thwart our purpose, and joy can disguise itself as our purpose.

I don't want to give you too much too fast. I want this to be a buffet where the restaurant hours are posted as follows: Open: when you arrive Closes: when you're done.


Join me back here every two weeks, or maybe sooner if you like - let me know - and we will go deeper but slow and intentional into the delivery of a program I created and call "The Heart's Trauma Filtration System" awareness process.

It is part of a more intense program, but for now, we will settle here. I will give you answers that we have had all of our lives to the questions that have held up back long enough. It is your time to be free.... free to BE YOUnique! You heard it from a purpose coach.

The heart of the matter is... YOU!

On a scale from head to toe, how much of you desire to walk in a purpose driven life?

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