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Igniting Purpose, Energizing Movement, Thriving Together

Step beyond traditional speaking engagements and immerse yourself in intentional and purposeful experiences designed for growth, transformation, and movement. Forge a powerful connection that sparks purpose, fuels evolution, and propels us to thrive forward together.

Faith Events

Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Greta Be as she ignites your spiritual fervor and deepen your connection to purpose through immersive experiences crafted with divine inspiration. She brings a unique blend of faith, storytelling, and purposeful movement to help create experiences that resonate with the heart and uplift the spirit. These transformative gatherings are where faith becomes a powerful force for growth, transformation, and thriving through purposeful movement.

Corporate Events &


Elevate your corporate engagements with the dynamic presence of Greta Be. In the realm of corporate events and keynotes, she seamlessly integrates her background in professional speaking, performing arts, and trauma-informed coaching. Unleash the potential of purposeful movement within your team as Greta delivers captivating keynotes and facilitates immersive experiences. Ignite inspiration, foster teamwork, and empower your workforce to thrive collectively through purpose-driven strategies.

Virtual Events

Experience the power of Greta Be's unique brand virtually. In the realm of the virtual space, she transcends physical boundaries to deliver impactful and engaging experiences right to your screens. Immerse yourself in purposeful movement and connect with the transformative energy of Greta's message from the comfort of your space. Whether it's a virtual keynote, workshop, or interactive session, she brings the same dynamism, inspiration, and empowerment as her live engagements, ensuring you thrive wherever you are.

Meet Greta Be...

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An esteemed speaker, author, and actor, Greta transcends conventional boundaries as a trauma-informed purpose-discovery coach. With a rich background in professional speaking and performing arts, she possesses a rare ability to seamlessly weave spoken narratives and visual expressions, creating a tapestry of wonder that resonates deeply with audiences.


The visionary behind the groundbreaking F4 Model, inspired by the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly, Greta unlocks and unleashes the transformative power of divine purpose. Her delivery of this model goes beyond traditional speaking, offering audiences an immersive experience that not only captivates and motivates but fundamentally reshapes their perspective of self and life.


Greta empowers individuals to break free from the shackles of perpetual unhappiness and unfulfillment, guiding them toward a life that thrives through movement. Each carefully crafted movement is designed to inspire, empower, and set those she encounters on a path toward true fulfillment.

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