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Purpose-Discovery and Execution for Women Desiring More

Providing a faith-based community for women to uncover the divine assignment for which they were created and step into a more purposeful and meaningful life.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."                                                                                                   -Maya Angelo

Living a Life of Purpose on Purpose

Step into a more purposeful and meaningful life with total well-being - spirit, soul, and body

Discover Your Purpose and Discover Yourself

"I'm exhausted from complying with schedules that are restrictive to the dynamics of my life and goals?

"I'm like a duck in a hailstorm. I have no idea what to do or where to start."

"All I am doing is striving for uniform metrics and goals that are set for me by others for their benefit and gain?"

"I deserve more and I know there's a more meaningful and purposeful life for me."

"I want more than to simply to have my basic needs barely met. I want to really enjoy life. I know I can have more I just need to know how" 

Had enough of feeling like this?

And you
want this...

"My life is almost unrecognizable. I enjoy every day and get to do what I love and have always dreamed of in my heart."

"I purchased and new home and paid off all of me and my kid's debt. I am on track to making over 6 figures a year, traveling the world, and being set for and early retirement." 

"Now I set my own schedule, walking in my purpose to impact other's lives and making great money that's more than I dreamed about before."

"I've doubled my income in two years. I feel confident and happy with my life, my finances and my future."

Then Greta Be Coaching is for you


Fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results, and save years of expensive trial and error. 

Walking in purpose and on purpose is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you will take. You will improve spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, and socially - when you discover, embrace and walk into the life that you were created for.

The Voices of Transformation

"Greta Be walks with you as she directs you towards your purpose. As you discover your purpose she cheers you on and continues to be a constant voice saying, 'keep going, you can do this. I identify and work towards goals that I thought I could not achieve."

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Michelle D. - Owner of Our Wings of Hope

"Once I completed the discovery call I was was sold. I was struggling with multiple companies that I own. Everything exceeded my expectations. She's more than I expected but everything I could ever hope for. My purpose has come full circle." 

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Vanessa Hall, M ED. 
Educational Consultant and Owner of The Halls Way 2 Educate

"Greta Be intentionally and strategically pushed, motivated, and equipped me to succeed. She coached me from my pain as a suicide survivor toward the joy of life as an author, blogger, and speaker." 

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Danquisha B,
Owner of The Purposed You

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Purpose -Discovery Coach / Speaker / Author

 Founder of Hearts Unshackled

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Hey there! I see you! 

As a speaker, author, and trauma-informed purpose-discovery coach, I'm committed to transforming women's lives by igniting the power of passion and wonder, propelling them towards their purpose. Welcome, and it's a pleasure to meet you!

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Clients & Collaborations

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Womens Retreat
Mt. Paran PBC
Women of the Bible Tea
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Taylor-Stratton Elementary School
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Children of the Kingdom
Global Ministries

Domestic Violence


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Community Christian Church 
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