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Respected speaker, performer, and actor combine professional speaking and performing experience with the unique ability to blend the spoken and visual senses of wonder and dynamically connect with audiences.

The First Facet of a Life Still Unfolding

Meet Greta

​Greta lives in Tennessee, where she enjoys her three adult children and eight grandchildren. As a respected speaker, purpose-discovery coach for women, author, and ordained minister with a message of hope, love, and purpose. For those who have experienced her teaching, transformation is almost always inevitable. She pursues the hearts of those she meets and desires to leave them better than before she met them. She insists she is simply a tool God uses to impact and change hearts for a time such as now and however God leads and needs her. Driven by her own impactful life story, which is still unfolding, she has an unconventional style that is notably filled with humor, as it should be, because it’s her anointed sense of humor that enables her to invoke laughter even in matters of truth that sometimes hurt and convict. Greta shares that at times when her struggles in life are brutal, the Word of God strengthens her and heightens her ability to counter attacks. She puts herself face-to-face with who God is and what God has done throughout her life, and then she can truly believe God for anything and everything—through prayer. She is inviting women to join her in a prayer movement that will cause catastrophic damage to the kingdom of darkness and all its minions.

Another Level Another Realm

Meet Your Guide
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Purpose -Discovery Coach / Speaker

 Founder of Hearts Unshackled

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As a post-abortive woman, I have experienced and vividly remember what seemed like never-ending days of fighting in the trenches for day-to-day survival and feeling unfulfilled, unseen, rejected, and alone.  From the depths of my heart, I heard: "Greta, when are you going to drop the unwanted companions of guilt, shame, and feelings of being a murderer in hiding?"


No amount of wishful thinking mingled with my faith, and the many voices of accolades could give me what I didn't know I was missing. 

I participated in a program specifically designed for African American women with abortion-wounded hearts, and my transformation began.  I am healed, freed from guilt, shame, fear of rejection, and judgment of a past decision.  As I shared my story, others began to share theirs for the first and only time.  I knew it was time for me to use the proven strategies and processes to answer the call of purpose - YOU. 


As a Christian, you, your family, and the world need the best you - healed and free.  Our 6-month faith-based transformative group coaching program, Hearts Unshackled, allows you to connect with sisterhood in a  judgment-free and emotionally safe environment conducive to healing.  I didn't have to do it on my own, and neither should you.


I am just a short distance ahead of you on this journey, and I see you!  If you desire healing and freedom so that you can discover and walk into your purpose while enjoying total wellbeing and having fun while doing it - this opportunity is for you. 

I look forward to seeing you inside the Hearts Unshackled community.  And I can't wait to see you loving the life God intended while walking in your divine and unique purpose. 

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