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 Empowering women with strategies to fiercely blaze into a more purpose-filled life

Their  Story

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They answered a call that they never take - to join a prayer group. They connected without marketing or advertising - for coaching. They divinely connected to partnered to carry the torch of heaven for women - Ablaze Once Again


Michelle and Greta were standing side by side on the same battlefields of spiritual warfare when they discovered that they each were an answer to the other's prayer.


Michelle, while practicing as a Mental Health Therapist, was pregnant with purpose and needed a birthing coach. Greta was a purpose-discovery coach and desired a deeper impact of total-wellbeing for her clients.


What they did not realize was they were both pregnant with spiritual babies of purpose that would later nurse interchangeably from both of them. What happens when the force of mental wellbeing collides with the power of purpose? It causes a fierce and fiery transformation and the dormant embers of passion Ablaze Once Again!


Our purpose is to transform women's lives by empowering them with strategies to be fierce as they blaze into a more purpose-filled life. We are sharing the wisdom we have gained along the way. If you are ready to be inspired, challenged, and walk into a more purpose-filled life while enjoying the journey with others... Let's Blaze!!!

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Michelle's Story

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Michelle Davey, MSW, LCSW-C

Michelle Davey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, award-winning author, and speaker who is passionate about empowering women.  After experiencing her own traumatic events, she pursued a career as a mental health therapist.  During her journey, Michelle chose to coach women who had lost their voices.  She is inspired by the strength and resiliency of the women she has served and gains strength by being a part of their healing journey as they rediscover their voices. 

Michelle is the founder of Our Wings of Hope, an organization that provides women with essential resources.  She and her husband have three children and reside in Maryland.  Michelle is the author of the Children’s Book, My Voice is My Superpower.  Michelle enjoys morning walks, roller skating, and reading books with her youngest daughter and co-author, Laiya. 

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Greta's Story

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A speaker, purpose-discovery coach, author, and heart transformer dedicated to transforming women's lives by awakening the power of passion and wonder that pushes them toward the call of purpose.  Welcome, and nice to meet you!

Greta Bates

Speaker|Purpose-Discovery Coach|Heart Transformer

Author of Armor Up!

I'm always looking for new exciting

opportunities to transform hearts.

Let's connect.

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